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We like to win.

At TenderCon, it is our mission to equip SME organisations with the knowledge and tools required to successfully win public contracts.

TenderCon Events

Since 2017, we have been hosting TenderCon events, bringing together experts from both buyer and seller side. Through a combination of keynote speakers and collaborative panels together with unrivalled networking opportunities, only TenderCon events put you in direct contact with the people and information you need to start competing successfully.

TXC Events & Workshops

As part of our mission to get more companies pitching and winning, we also run TXC events. Designed to ensure everyone has access to our knowledge, expertise, and network, TXC events include open webinars, sector-specific workshops and one-to-one consultations.

Join the Community

If you’re interested in joining our community as a guest speaker, a TXC workshop facilitator, or to sponsor one of our main TenderCon events, we’d love to hear from you. See our community area for more information.